HAIR COLOR / Primience Enrich


For already-colored areas that are damaged


Product Details

Makeup Concept

PRIMIENCE hair color was developed by SHISEIDO's makeup and hair artists based on a concept borrowed from cosmetics. Just as makeup softens the appearance and makes use of color to enhance the facial features, PRIMIENCE controls hair color and brings out the hair's natural shine.

Incorporating Skincare Technology Into Hair Color

SHISEIDO applied its cutting-edge skincare technology and its in-depth knowledge gained over the years through conducted research on Asian skin and hair to develop a unique hair color that brings out the shine and texture of hair like never before.

Silky Feel

PRIMIENCE, a hair color that comes in the form of a cream, contains S-hyaluronic acid, a highly-functional moisturizing agent developed exclusively. This innovative agent, which is also contained in our high-end skincare products, works on the hair to prevent the loss of moisture, effectively penetrate the pigments into the hair, condition and moisturize the strands, and achieve a hydrated and silky-smooth feel.

Extra Shine

PRIMIENCE conditions the cuticle by working on each of its three layers: the surface, the cortical, and the deeper layer. Clear, refined colors with an extraordinary glossy shine can be achieved by enhancing the transparency of the cuticle and reducing the irregular reflections of light, whether it be in healthy or damaged hair.

Intense Hydration

We have succeeded in increasing the amount of moisture contained in PRIMIENCE hair color cream. The moisture accelerates the efficient penetration of pigments and treatment agents into the innermost layer of the hair, achieving a fully-hydrated texture and clear colors.

High Penetration

The DUPLEX Penetration-Enhancing Agent, a combination of two kinds of agents that work respectively on warm-color and cool-color pigments, allows efficient penetration of the pigments into the deeper layers of the hair, offering a perfect coloration and a long-lasting effect for all color tones.

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