What’s Buzzing in the Social Media Today?
In today’s society, various media bring us vast volumes of information alerting us to the dangers of greenhouse gases caused by forest fires and natural disasters. On social media, there are so many people making proposals or exchanging their views. The increasing number of posts with #FRIDAYSFORFUTURE, #ZEROWASTE and #PLASTICFREE vividly show the great concern over those issues. In this, #EARTHING should be the word we need to pay more attention to. It is originally a health activity to heal the body and soul by sensing the texture of wood, but now the word is also used to express gratitude and appreciation to the earth. Looking at Instagram photos posted with #EARTHING, there are people who do gardening, enjoy camping on their days off and have lunch on their porch or at a park. It seems that various daily activities engaged in nature are now referred to as #EARTHING. Also, a wide variety of posters from environmental activists and fashionistas to young adults use the hashtag on social media. The months-long lockdown is probably a part of the reason why #EARTHING has become so popular. What the pandemic has brought us is not just fear of disease, but also deep compassion for Mother Earth.
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