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Must we define styles?
Sometimes the truest beauty can be found in ambiguity.

Non-binary fashion, hairstyling and makeup swept the most recent catwalks.
And unbiased beauty wows the world more every day.

Just as designers create clothes that allow us to stretch beyond existing boundaries,
beauty creators are breaking out of the box, and shattering that box into invisible pieces.

Now, your creativity can set people free—
to look and live and go their own way.

Asymmetrical Cool Short

Go beyond gender with shaved bangs and colors on the hairline

Shave the bangs and then cut randomly with a razor. To enhance the androgynous purity of the style, bleach and dye the hairline as well as the roots in cool colors. Use wax to finish up after applying oil for gloss and shine to achieve a boyish yet subtly seductive look.

Irregular Orange Bob

Add more playfulness to the hair with pink highlights and face-framing bangs

Create thick bangs to make the bob style more alluring. Add some layers on the top to achieve a dynamic, irregular look. For a playful touch, layer pink on the orange base. Style with spray for a dry texture to emphasize the uneven silhouette.

Asymmetric Messy Bob

Cool pink shades and asymmetric locks for a mysterious feel

This sheer bob style is characterized by messy slithered bangs. Create an asymmetrical silhouette with the naturally curled ends. Dye the surface in soft sand beige and the underlayer in contrasting pink for a 3D look. To finish up, use a matte spray on the entire hair to make it feel dry and smooth.

Nuanced Violet Bob

Delicate shades of violet created with a gap between straight locks and airy waves

Make blunt cut at the cheeks along the face frame and cut the bangs in a round shape to express strength and softness at the same time. For the color, dye in ombre with lavender and violet on bleached base. Form outward curls at the tips with wax to show off the curvy lines created with a flat iron.

Natural Layered Long

Effortless yet delicate long style for a more gender-neutral look

Airy layers accentuate the elegant feel of this medium long style. Along with the hair flow spontaneously created from the layered mullet, the beige highlights on the ends add an extra 3D effect to the look. Apply cream and spray for a soft, natural and textured finish.

Graphical Stripy Short

Rebellious graffiti style with stripes around the sides

Part the hair in the middle and adjust the style while maintaining adequate volume. Mark the sides with masking tape strips and apply navy blue dye on the area to create lines for a 3D look. Tone the entire hair with white purple.

Contrastive Flowing Short

Combining contrasting elements to generate genderless allure

Dye this cool short hair in warm shades to achieve a stylish contradiction. The base color of this style is warm beige with orange accents on the sides. Highlight both the delicateness and strength by giving extra volume around the cheekbones and adding layers to flatter the cascading waves. Apply gel randomly on the ends for a glossy finish along with wax for different texture.

Genderless Pale Mullet

Empowering 3D style in soft, muted colors

Bleach and color the entire hair in taupe grege. Adjust the shade by partially applying soft cacao brown and cool charcoal gray. Cut the hair in layers for a textured look, and create v-shaped bangs to accentuate the eyes. Leave the nape section long to maintain the mannish touch by emphasizing the vertical line of the silhouette.


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