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Natural Glow

There is always hope in mother nature. Just walk into it, and you can find a glowing light of hope everywhere. In such a hard time, what we need more than ever is a ray of hope to move on, and a way to communicate with others to share the hope. Take a piece of nature into your simply styled hair to harvest energy from it, and tap into hi-tech tools to boost social connections. This will open a door to the bright future.

Bright Fluffy Bowl Cut

A vivid red bowl cut with a natural glossy styling.

Dye the ends of the hair in copper orange after coloring the roots in dark gray. The undercut technique is applied on this style to add an airy feel to the model’s natural wavy hair. Rub grease into the entire hair for natural gloss. Add extra grease to make the ends look more vibrant.

Floral Short Ombre

A petal-like glossy ombre hair with long, naturally curled bangs.

The color of this glamorous ombre style beautifully changes from dark beige on the roots to grayish pink on the ends, while the glossy texture adds a feminine touch to the short style. Tighten the nape area and trim the hair short on the surface to sweep bangs neatly to the side. Curls on the bangs should be shaped with hands. Color nickname / Pink Sun Set

Fresh-looking Highlighted Lob

Get young with vibrant highlights around the face and lively outward curls.

Create a layered style and then dye the entire hair in a sorbet color made from a mixture of beige and orange. Add ash white to the inside of bangs and below temples for accent highlights. Curl the ends of hair both inward and outward to give a feminine touch. Finish it with cream for a glossy texture.

Earthy Bi-colored Bob

Update a bob with two contrasted colors and sleek, effortless styling.

Lighten a bob style with a contrasting combination of colors and textured hair. Color the top in gray beige and the inside in icy silver to make an impressive contrast with strong vertical highlights and a modest glow. Delicate layers on the surface create an effortless feel and a fluffy texture.

Rusty Natural Short

Go natural and effortless with a top-heavy undercut style in high-tone colors.

To add a hint of trends to this natural top-heavy undercut hairstyle, dye it in smoky beige color. Trim the area from the temples to the nape short and create inverted side bangs to maintain a sharp silhouette. Apply hard wax to complete the effortless look.

Exotic Voluminous Bob

A natural-looking wavy bob tinted in warm, earthy colors.

The top of the hair is colored in grayish taupe for a soil-like look and the inside is dyed in pink beige. The thick bangs and ombre color make the overall style look natural and airy. Curl the ends with curling tongs, and then break the curls unevenly to make fine, airy bundles.

Gentle Spiky Short

Add some texture to spiky short hair with indigo color for a genderless look.

Dark gray color on the bangs and indigo blue on the rest make the hairstyle look sophisticated, while the soft, fluffy shape adds a genderless feel. Create layers along the face frame to maintain the natural volume of the hair. To finish up the style, squeeze the hair with balm.

Lively Flowing Mullet

Get a wild look with heavily layered mullet adorned with sloppy curls and face line color.

Broad bangs and layers around the face emphasize the beautiful flow of the hair. Add plenty of layers from the top, and then color it in khaki over the grayish taupe lowlights for shading. Outward curls around the nape area look vibrant yet seductive. Apply cream for a nuanced finish.


The women’s fashion trends in S/S 2021 go natural amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


Following the growing trend of gender neutrality in men’s wear


Creating a slightly different gender-neutral look


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