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The mood of elegance continuously sweeps across the fashion world in autumn/winter 2020-2021.

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, elegant yet empowering female outfits made by Balenciaga and other brands drew global attention in the season. Boldly refining basic hairdressing ideas, Shiseido Professionals now suggests hairstyles with ‘brave elegance’ in line with the current fashion tide to build self-confidence through beauty at such a volatile time. Basic haircuts are beautifully updated with nuanced curls around face and trendy colors such as classic blue and warm brown.

Two-sided Greige Bowl Cut

Play with the contrast of greige on a two-sided short style.

Amplify your femininity and confidence at the same time with this bowl-cut-based bob.Color the roots in dark beige and the ends in light greige for a 3D effect. Cut each section of hair at the base to get a smart look and create round, blunt bangs. Apply hair oil and cream to finish up.

Natural Elegant Waves

Add some effortless feel with sedate color to the elegantly long, wavy hair

Get a fresh, mature look with this long style accentuated by moderate waves. Layer the hair above the crown and on the inside, while maintaining adequate volume on other parts. Try to create large curls to emphasize the softness of the hair. Regarding the color, ash gray was chosen for the style because it is close to the model’s natural hair color. Apply gelée to complete.

Dramatic Sleek Bob

Do yourself up with the glossy undercut style and super long, silky bangs.

The triangle color sections on the bangs make the style even more novel, while the restrained blue adds a sophisticated touch. Create a rough, graduated bob and leave the bangs long and asymmetrical. The undercut brings a relaxing yet tempting feel to the style. Use a flat iron to create a rectilinear shape and tighten it up with grease for the finishing touch.

Brave Feminine Curls

Amp up your femininity with mixed curls, yet hinting at your inner toughness with raised sides.

The V-shaped short bangs impressively highlight your eyes and face line. Create horizontal curls on the hair below the temples, while adding extra glamor to the style by alternating inward curls with outward curls on the hair above the temples. Apply light hair wax to the sides while twisting the hair outwardly.

Active Wavy Bob

Zing up the luxe and shiny mullet-bob with lively, accented waves.

Add an androgynous touch to a feminine bob with vibrant, outward curls. The orange-brown ombré around the neckline lightens up your face. Cut the hair in layers for an airy feel, while maintaining volume on top to enhance elegance. Use a hair cream to complete the style with a half-wet look.

Wild Highlighted Waves

Bring out your inner strength with textured, long hair and edgy highlights.

This long hairstyle perfectly suits voluminous hair. Dye it entirely in ash gray gradation, and then add white ash highlights around the face. Layer the ends to give extra motion and glamor to the style. Apply hair cream for a natural look.

Seductive Gray Curls

Smarten up with grayish hair and fine, textured curls.

Cut the hair thoroughly in layers to make the wavy style elegant and seductive, and thin out on the inside to make it manageable. Color the hair in gray ombré from the root to the ends for a natural look. Apply hair grease to add texture, a 3-D effect, and shine to the curls.

Punkish Wavy Mullet

Go wild with the bold yet fine mullet style, with rebellious shades and mystical, large curls.

The orange color adds a punkish touch to the style. Use a lighter color on the hair above the temples and a darker one on the lower half to accentuate the shades. Three different types of waves - inward, outward, and twisted waves - give the style even more swing. Enjoy the unique, rich contrast of the lovely mullet-bob and the daring color.


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