Living in a world of physical distancing and pandemic-induced restrictions has changed our views and lifestyles.
Staying home for months reconnected us closer to family and friends. Digital communication is the new norm to maintain bonds in our modern society. Naturally we nurture our social bonds empowered by the latest technology.

In the same way our desire to revitalize our relationship with Mother Nature has grown. The beauty of nature and its power becomes more important for us to stay strong during the socially restricted times. We value nature-derived ingredients and materials to enrich our daily lives.

Without doubt, such natural bonds between technology and nature have not just defined our new norm but become an inspirational power of creative imagination. As seen on catwalks this season, current fashion and beauty trends have boundless energy and enthusiasm driven by bonds between techy stuffs and nature-origin materials.
Incorporating NATURAL BONDS in our annual brand visual BEAUTY INNOVATOR 2021 we hope to inspire and empower Beauty Creators around the world. Enjoy.
2021 trends
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