Keep your hair & skin looking great all day.

Keep your hair & skin looking great all day.

Classy men are particular about how they look.

Make your hair and skin look its best all day long.

By late afternoon, your hairstyle can become flat and your skin can look dry and lose its elasticity.

No matter how carefully we style ourselves in the morning, the condition of our hair and skin can deteriorate over the course of the day.

However, it is difficult for busy men to take the time to check their appearance and make adjustments throughout the day.

How can we keep our appearance looking its best, not only during the day while we work, but into the evening when we go out?

Shampooing in the morning instantly gives hair flexibility, body and lift from the roots.

If you want to keep your hairstyle and volume all day long, why don’t you change your morning shampoo and treatment to THE GROOMING.

Used together, the unique Volume Empower System is activated. It creates a film of resilience on the outside of the hair, lifts from the roots, and instantly boosts volume. Hours later, hair remains soft and bouncy. By simply changing shampoos and treatments, your hairstyle looks incredible throughout your busy day and night. A must-have for any busy man.

For styling, we recommend THE BALM from the same series. The hair cream with shea butter* conditions hair while the slightly wet texture updates the style for a more modern look. With 85% skincare ingredients, it can also be used as a hand moisturizer, and the stylish packaging is perfect for carrying around

*Emollient ingredients

*1: Formulated with resilience ingredient sh (Adenosine, magnesium chloride, polyquaternium-11)

*2: Formulated with resilience ingredient tm (Adenosine, magnesium chloride, acrylates copolymer, hydroxyethylcellulose)


Keep your skin moisturized during the dry season with morning skincare!

In winter when the air is dry, skin becomes dehydrated and less supple. The skin on your face especially needs moisture to help you put your best foot forward. Skin that lacks elasticity and vitality looks sluggish and tired.

To look sophisticated, a classy man keeps his skin moisturized, bright, and healthy. If you try to moisturize your skin only with oil or cream, it may become sticky with sebum, a common concern for men. For those who want to moisturize from within while leaving the surface smooth and fresh, we recommend THE GROOMING skincare.

The LOTION and MOISTURE EFFECTOR (serum) are made to function as a team. The LOTION replenishes moisture components while smoothing and toning the skin, and the serum jellifies the ingredients and locks them inside the skin. This unique moisture-enhancing power system does not leave a sticky feeling on the surface of the skin, but keeps a high level of moisture in the stratum corneum. It keeps the skin soft and looking healthy.


These thoughtfully-developed items, formulated specifically for adult men, will change your life!

Better hair and skin can improve a man’s impression and performance at work. This in turn can raise your motivation as a professional businessman.

THE GROOMING's hair and skin care products provide ideal volume and moisture to hair and skin in just two steps and keep working throughout your busy day and night. THE GROOMING meets the needs of adult men with the benefits of its unique technology.Keep your appearance in top condition without additional steps! This could be your biggest life hack.

By carefully selecting and using items that meet your needs, hair and skin problems you have had for years can be easily solved. THE GROOMING, developed for busy, active adult men, has your solution. Why not take a proactive approach and use them as a catalyst for success in both your work and private life?



120mL ¥1,650 (tax included)
500mL ¥4,620 (tax included)
※The prices shown are reference retail prices (including tax). Prices may vary by store.

  • Squalane oil, which is easily absorbed by sebum, for cleansing.
  • Contains AMT, a unique amino acid-based cleansing ingredient that removes only dirt while retaining moisture.
  • Formulated with resilience ingredients sh to make hair stand up from the roots for a soft and light finish. Silicone-free.
  • A moderately cool sensation


60g ¥1,100 (tax included)
500g ¥6,050 (tax included)
※The prices shown are reference retail prices (including tax). Prices may vary by store.

  • Adopts our unique Volume Empower System. When coupled with our shampoo, it creates a resilient film around each hair shaft, making hair stand up from the roots.
  • Leaves hair feeling soft and voluminous without stickiness.
  • Supports desired styling.

*Formulated with resilience ingredient tm


60mL ¥1,870 (tax included)
120mL ¥2,750 (tax included)
※The prices shown are reference retail prices (including tax). Prices may vary by store.

  • Contains skin's natural NMF ingredients to replenish necessary moisture.
  • Balances moisture and oil to prevent excessive sebum problems.
  • Contains Thiotaurine G.
  • Microemulsion formula.
  • Ethanol-free and comfortable for post-shave skin.


60mL ¥3,300 (tax included)
120mL ¥4,950 (tax included)
※The prices shown are reference retail prices (including tax). Prices may vary by store.

  • Original Moisture Empowerment System works with lotion to keep moisture inside the keratin layer.
  • The skin surface stays non-greasy and non-sticky, and the skin texture is kept soft and resilient.
  • Active support by moisture components and beauty ingredients provide resilience and give you an energetic, vigorous look.

*Formulated with NMF Component

*Formulated with Thiotaurine G


35g ¥2,750 (tax included)
※The prices shown are reference retail prices (including tax). Prices may vary by store.

  • For a natural, not overly done hairstyle.
  • Gives hair a natural shine and flow, with effortless manageability.
  • Provides oil to moisturize hair without affecting the volume of hair.
  • Highly moisturizing and can be used on hands.
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