Summertime sebum care for men.

Summertime sebum care for men.
Control stickiness to achieve a clean look.

Summertime sebum care for men

Control stickiness to achieve a clean look.

Many men are aware that they sweat easily, especially in hot weather.
As summer approaches and the temperature and humidity increase, the main skin concerns, along with perspiration, are oiliness, stickiness, and shine caused by sebum. This not only gives an undesirable impression, but it may cause skin problems such as irritation and breakouts. Furthermore, when left on the skin, sebum can oxidize, which may lead to older-looking skin and even affect how you smell!
That’s why sebum control in the summer is indispensable for a man's overall cleanliness.

Cleanliness comes from smooth skin and hair. Controlling sebum is the key to a man's summer success.

Cleanliness comes from smooth skin and hair.

Controlling sebum is the key to a man's summer success.

Since male hormones stimulate sebum secretion, men secrete about twice as much sebum as women.
While women's sebum production decreases with age, men's sebum production is said to remain almost the same throughout their lives.
Sebum secretion in men increases as the temperature rises in the spring and summer seasons, causing the face and scalp to look greasy.
Leaving excessive sebum on the face not only makes you feel uncomfortable, but it also makes you look sticky and shiny, which is not an impression you want to give. For men, controlling sebum is essential to maintaining a clean look in any season.

Excess sebum can lead to unwanted odor and skin problems.

The increases in sebum secretion during the summer aren’t only responsible for sticky and shiny skin. High temperature and humidity, combined with steam from wearing hats and face masks, mean it can also cause a strong odor on the scalp, skin irritation, and acne. Moreover, if sebum is left on the skin during the season when ultraviolet rays are strong, it easily oxidizes, which may lead to skin problems down the line and an increase in age-related odors. Sebum-control measures not only address current skin and odor problems, but they may also prevent future problems.

Learn to prevent stickiness in summer with products recommended for cleaning sebum!

Because THE GROOMING products were developed specifically for the skin and hair of adult men,
they can meet adult men’s needs and provide a complete sebum control solution.

Most importantly, we recommend washing your face with WASH to foam-cleanse not only at night when taking a bath, but also in the morning.
WASH is a facial cleansing foam that focuses on sebum. Use its soft foam to remove sebum secreted from the skin during the night, while thoroughly removing dirt and excess sebum from the pores. It also protects the skin after shaving, leaving it fresh and clean. It is ideal for complex adult skin.

The scalp, which secretes more sebum than any other part of the body, is prone to excess sebum accumulation in the pores, making sebum control especially important. We recommend SODA FOAM CLEANSER, which was developed to cleanse pores. The highly cohesive carbonated gas bubbles effectively remove stickiness. When used before shampooing, the elastic foam massages the skin to promote blood circulation. It gently removes excess sebum while lifting dirt from pores, leading to a clean scalp.



60g 1,430 yen (tax included)
120g 2,200 yen (tax included)
※The prices shown are reference retail prices (including tax). Prices may vary by store.

  • Facial cleansing foam that catches hard-to-remove sebum grime from pores and removes stickiness, while leaving skin moisturized.
  • To minimize the strain on men's skin, which is often damaged by shaving, this product uses a unique amino acid cleaning ingredient that cleanses only dirt without stripping the skin of its moisture.
  • Its creamy and long-lasting lather can also be used as shaving foam.

Contains proprietary amino acid-based cleaning ingredient AMT: sodium methyl cocoyl taurate


170g 3,410 yen (tax included)
※The prices shown are reference retail prices (including tax). Prices may vary by store.

  • Deep-cleansing foam with carbon dioxide bubbles that are smaller than pores to prevent sebum problems on the scalp, such as stickiness and odor.
  • Formulated with menthol for cool, refreshing cleansing.
  • Leaves hair soft and light, with volume from the roots.

Contains carbon dioxide gas (propellant)

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