Great hair volume and good skin give you confidence

Great hair volume and good skin give you confidence

How to best care for hair and skin to bring men class and self-confidence

When the seasons change, it’s time for men to review their hairstyles and skincare, along with a change of clothes.

If you have tried to brush up your style but it didn’t turn out the way you had hoped, it may be due to the accumulated damage from summer.

Now is the time to take care of your hair and skin in a way that meets the needs of the fall season and gives you class and self-confidence.

Review your hair and skin care regimen to get them in the best condition all season long.

In the fall, men should be careful, as skin and hair discomfort can easily arise.

What causes this discomfort?

As temperatures and humidity drop from hot summer to cool fall, most men experience increased skin dryness and hair loss.

This is responsible for the sudden discomfort that many men feel in the fall.

Hair has a life cycle spanning from the time it grows until it naturally falls out (see the figure below). The cycle of growth phase, regression phase, and resting phase is continually repeated over several years. Most healthy human hair is usually in the growth phase, but the hair cycle can be disrupted if damage from ultraviolet rays or other factors accumulates. For men, when the hair cycle is disrupted, the growth phase is shortened and the hair does not grow sufficiently before entering the regression phase. As a result, the number of fine, baby hairs increases, leading to thinning hair that reveals the scalp.

Fall is the season for increased hair loss.
There can be a noticeable reduction in volume.

If you are concerned, start prevention and countermeasures now!

The UV rays of summer, the stuffiness from hats, and environmental changes such as temperature and humidity during the shift of seasons cause a variety of damage to accumulate. This is why you may notice an increase in hair loss during the fall season.

At the same time, the hair cycle is easily disrupted by these stresses.

Maintaining hair cycle health and preventing hair loss requires taking care of the scalp, which is the foundation, not the hair itself.

If you want to have hair that you can confidently try any hairstyle with, start scalp care as soon as possible before you suffer from lack of volume!

Best-conditioned hair and skin in any season.

Genuine care for smart men!

If you want to start scalp care, it is smart to choose THE GROOMING SCALP EFFECTOR, which is designed specifically for men. The main ingredient, adenosine, focuses on the disruption of the hair cycle unique to men. It lengthens the growth phase of the hair cycle and suppresses the regression phase, leading to thicker, longer, stronger hair. It also contains nicotinic acid amide, which promotes blood circulation. The formula prevents stickiness, keeping hair soft and fluffy from the roots the next morning after applying before bedtime, and it also makes styling easier. The fragrance-free formula effortlessly pairs with your favorite hair styling products or fragrances. And the simple packaging design is sure to blend in with your bathroom decor.

At the same time, for dry and dull skin due to summer damage or seasonal changes, use THE GROOMING LOTION for thorough moisturizing care. When you have healthy hair and bright, smooth, naturally shiny skin, even your spirit will be in tip-top condition.



120g ¥5,500 (tax included)
※The prices shown are reference retail prices (including tax). Prices may vary by store.

  • Adenosine works on the hair papilla to promote hair growth.
  • Regulates the hair cycle and makes hair grow thicker and longer.
  • Nicotinic acid amide promotes blood circulation and prevents hair loss.
  • Non-sticky and refreshing formula is easy to use in the morning or evening.
  • Does not obstruct the natural volume of hair after drying, allowing for smooth styling.
  • Fragrance-free.


60mL ¥1,870 (tax included)
120mL ¥2,750 (tax included)
※The prices shown are reference retail prices (including tax). Prices may vary by store.

  • Biocompatible moisturizing NMF (PCA, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, and lactic acid) replenishes moisture. It reduces the appearance of fine, dry lines and wrinkles, leaving skin smooth and healthy.
  • Maintains healthy skin condition.
  • Easy to apply, non-greasy, and comfortable to use in any season.
  • Can also be used after shaving.
  • Alcohol (ethanol)-free
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