How can we protect our hair from Spring's external stressors?

How can we protect our hair from Spring's external stressors?

Spring is the time of year when external stressors, like UV radiation and pollen, increase. Do you ever get concerned about hair damage such as dryness or brittleness? Just like we need a wardrobe for Spring, the hair will also need care that is Spring-exclusive.

“การดูแลป้องกัน” เป็นสิ่งสำคัญในการจัดการกับผู้รุกรานจากภายนอก

In Spring, the amount of UV radiation increases at once, along with the rise in temperature. Of the human body, hair is located closest to the sun and thus suffers great damage from UV radiation. Spring is also the season when pollen fills the air and causes damage by clinging to our hair & scalp without us knowing. To protect our hair when going out, be sure to use a treatment with protection, along with a hat or umbrella.

Let's protect our hair during Spring with a special treatment ~ ″Wonder Shield″

Wonder Shield is a special treatment developed for protecting the hair from the harsh environment. It shields the hair from various external stressors that cannot be avoided in everyday life, such as UV radiation and pollen. Wonder Shield locks in the treatment agents inside the hair to make hair shiny and silky-smooth.

SUBLIMIC Wonder Shield

<Leave-in treatment>
125mL 3.800 yen
Coats the strands with shielding agents that are not easily washed off, to make hair smooth to the touch and restore the shine of healthy hair.


When Wonder Shield is applied to damaged hair, the shielding agents adhere evenly to the entire strand.
By applying heat with a hair dryer, the shielding agents form a network to thoroughly coat the hair surface.
This prevents UV radiation and pollen from adhering or invading inside the hair.

How to use Wonder Shield

How to use

After shampooing and towel-drying, work into the entire hair.
Apply heat with a hair dryer along the direction of the hair flow, from top to bottom, from root to end. To finish, switch the hair dryer to cold mode to cool down and tighten the cuticles for a boost in shine.

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