How to deal with stubborn curls and waviness

How to deal with stubborn curls and waviness

Throughout the year, women with unruly hair tend to be troubled by hair that is wavy, puffy and/or hard to manage. On rainy days or in highly humid seasons, the hair gets coarse and even harder to manage, making styling in the mornings impossible. Let's learn the proper at-home care in order to keep hair beautiful and manageable no matter the season.

Hard-to-manage hair needs protection from humidity!

Natural curls and waviness are caused by the excess moisture which enters the shaft due to raised cuticles. Not just on rainy days or during the rainy season, but for hair with troublesome curls and waviness in general, it is important to keep the inside of hair fully hydrated to prevent excess moisture from entering. Furthermore, if the inside of hair is softened with lipids, the coarseness will go away, making hair easier to style.

Spa-Expert Hiromi Koyano explains about the effective way to deal with natural curls and waviness even in humidity

Women who are bothered by their natural curls and waviness should consult a Spa-Expert. The Spa-Expert should give the customers stress-free tips on how to care for their hair at home based on lifestyle and preference! We asked Hiromi Koyano of Refuge liitta about how to keep hair manageable in any kind of season.



Daily at-home care is the key to dealing with natural curls and waviness

As a Spa-Expert who understands the concerns of customers, I tailor my recommendations according to each individual when they come to the salon. However, the chance for me to give face-to-face advice is only about once every 2 months. So, it is essential to keep the hair in good condition and enhance its beauty with daily at-home care. My recommendation to you is to add the mask to your shampoo and treatment routine to soften the hair from the inside, and then apply the leave-in treatment to block the humidity from the outside. Hair with a silky-smooth surface dries quickly with a hair dryer, and is soft for easy styling, so you can save time in the busy mornings. At-home care is the quickest way in getting to like your own hair. As a Spa-Expert, I would like to help change what my customers feel as a flaw into something they find attractive.

Styling tips to reduce habits and swells

Blow drying the entire hair

Insert your hand from the inner side of the hair, and stretch the hair toward the front as you dry with the hair dryer. With this extra effort, you will be able to tame the natural curls and waviness in places you do not see.

Blow drying the bangs

Insert your hand from the inner side of the hair, and stretch the hair toward the front as you dry with the hair dryer. With this extra effort, you will be able to tame the natural curls and waviness in places you do not see.

Creating curls

Looking at the overall balance, use a curling iron to curl the areas where you wish to make soft and airy. You can give a light and airy impression by making the most of your natural curls.


Works at Refuge liitta. 17 years of experience as a stylist. Understands the concerns of customers, and recommends hair styles which make the most of their traits and hair quality. Has a reputation for giving advice in turning natural curls and waviness into something attractive. Aims to bring more smiles to the customers’ everyday lives by supporting their lifestyle.
How to deal with stubborn curls and waviness

Salon Name: Refuge litta 
With the concept of “Every day, fun and beautiful, in your own way”, the salon supports the beautiful lifestyle of customers by co-creating hair designs which make the most of their individual traits. It offers the excitement of encountering a new “you” in a comfortable, sun-lit setting.

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All seasons with “Airy Flow” for easy-to-manage hair

Airy Flow is a hair care series which has been developed for unruly hair with natural frizz and waviness. With our proprietary technology, the shampoo, treatment and mask enhance softness from inside the hair and restore the strand’s cross-sectional shape. Furthermore, the leave-in “Refining Fluid” blocks humidity from the outside. Airy Flow realizes soft, easy-to-manage hair by working from both inside and out to control natural curls and waviness. It’s not only for overcoming troubles of the rainy season – continued use will allow you to experience a complete change in hair texture.


Daily care

250 mL
Cleanses with a rich lather, allowing both the hair and scalp to feel refreshed. A very relaxing, sweet, fresh scent will fill the entire bathroom.

・How to use
Pre-wash the hair and scalp thoroughly with hot water before applying shampoo. Take shampoo onto the palm, add water, and create a fine, airy lather. Massage with the pads of your fingers as you wash the hair and scalp.

Restores the cross-sectional shape of strands that have natural curls and waviness, making hair airy soft and easy to manage.

・How to use
After shampooing, lightly wring out excess water from the hair. Work the treatment into the hair with kneading motion, focusing on the ends, and work any left-over treatment onto the hair surface. Comb the ends with a wide toothed comb to allow the treatment to spread evenly. Do not use a brush, for it will cause the cuticle layers to peel.


Special Care

(Special Care: 1 ~ 2 times a week)
Restores the cross-sectional shape of strands that have natural curls and waviness, while controlling the effects of humidity and keeping the hair in soft, manageable condition.

・How to use
This is a special care to be used in place of AIRY FLOW Treatment after using AIRY FLOW Shampoo. For enhanced effects, wrap the entire head with any kind of hair cap on the market or a hot, damp towel and then soak in the bathtub for a few minutes.


Leave-in Treatment

Refining Fluid
(Leave-in Treatment)
Protects hair from the external environment such as dryness, making hair soft from the core and easy to style.

  ・How to use
After towel-drying, apply to the entire hair and work well into the hair, focusing on the ends. If applied on dry hair before styling, the hair’s puffiness and/or waviness can be further controlled.

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