How can we keep the beautiful look of salon color?

The trick to preventing damage & color fading is to conduct proper at-home care after color treatment!

Having the perfect hair color will enhance your charms and even make your expressions come alive. Today, hair color is an indispensable part of women's fashion. Let's learn the proper at-home care for color-treated hair so that you can enjoy salon color proactively.

SPa-Expert Yuichi Kishi talks about how hair color can enhance the beauty of hair 

If you feel hesitant about dyeing your hair, you should look for a salon with a SPa-Expert - a specialist who checks the hair & scalp conditions of each customer and selects the right color for her hair.  
If you are worried about “not getting the desired color” or “the color fading soon after color treatment,” the Spa-Expert will give you tips on the proper at-home care to address those concerns.  
We talked with Yuichi Kishi from Chara Chalone Ikebukuro, a salon with a high reputation for coloring techniques.



Proper At-Home Care Is the Key to Beautiful Hair Color

I love colored hair, and my expertise is color gradation, highlights, and double process. I’m fortunate to have customers of all ages who proactively enjoy hair color.  
I feel most rewarded when the desired image is achieved and I see a happy smile. I always tell my customers that proper at-home care is the key to beautiful hair color.  
Of course I give my best to create a beautiful finish at the salon, but maintaining that beautiful condition relies on the care given at home afterwards. But this is actually easy to do. You can maintain that salon-color finish just by using hair care for colored hair during 1~2 weeks after color treatment.  
Of course the color will somewhat fade over time, but it will stay looking beautiful because it will fade evenly. By changing the way you conduct at-home care after color treatment, you will learn how fun hair color can be.  
I actually have many customers who say they no longer feel hesitant toward hair color ever since they learned the proper at-home care and are now enjoying it to the fullest.


SPa-Expert:Yuichi Kishi

3 years of experience as a stylist. Familiar with the latest beauty information and has an excellent reputation for bleach designing, high-tone coloring, layered-styles, and bob-styles. His philosophy places importance in careful in-salon consultation and guidance for at-home care. He constantly gives care for both the hair and mind.

Chara Charone Ikebukuro

Based on the motto "To draw out the customer's beauty to its fullest," Chara Chalone Ikebukuro pays special attention to hair color and constantly explores various cutting & massage techniques. With its relaxing, brown interior, the salon offers professional skills as well as a time of comfort.

Address: Sanji Building 2F,1-3-6 Higashiikebukuro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo

LUMINOFORCE for suppleness, shine, and lasting color

LUMINOFORCE, a hair care line using unique “Color Luminous System,” focuses on the coarseness and loss of shine in hair which has undergone repeated coloring.  
It realizes silky-smooth hair by replenishing the lipids and moisture that are lost due to coloring.  
By repairing the inside of hair and coating the strands with an oil ingredient, the regular reflection of light is enhanced from both inside and out, giving hair shine. Furthermore, the Color Shield Ingredient coats the hair surface to prevent color from fading. This triple-effect architecture maintains the beauty of color-treated hair, allowing customers to enjoy future coloring without being afraid.

Gently removes impurities while preventing the fading of hair color.
250mL 2,600 yen
500mL 4,000 yen

・How to use
Pre-wash the hair and scalp thoroughly with hot water before applying shampoo. Take shampoo onto the palm, add water, and create a fine, airy lather. Massage with the pads of your fingers as you wash the hair and scalp.

Prevents color fading and leaves hair shiny & supple, while reforming the cross-sectional shape of the colored hair strands.

250g 3,400 yen
500g 5,200 yen

・How to use
After shampooing, lightly wring out excess water from the hair. Work the treatment into the hair with kneading motion, focusing on the ends, and work any left-over treatment onto the hair surface. Comb the ends with a wide toothed comb to allow the treatment to spread evenly. Do not use a brush, for it will cause the cuticle layers to peel.

<Special Care: 1 ~ 2 times a week>
Maintains shiny, beautiful color payoff of colored hair, while reforming its cross-sectional shape and treating damage.
200g 4,300 yen

・How to use
This is a special care to be used in place of LUMINOFORCE Treatment after using LUMINOFORCE Shampoo. For enhanced effects, wrap the entire head with any kind of hair cap on the market or a hot, damp towel and then soak in the bathtub to allow the useful ingredients to penetrate well.



<Leave-in Treatment>
 Makes hair shiny and silky to the ends, while protecting colored hair from external stressors such as UV radiation and preventing color fading.
100 mL

・How to use
After towel-drying, shake product well to mix the 2 layers of oil together and apply to the entire hair. Work well into the hair, focusing on the ends. If there are concerns of damage, work into the hair first and then shampoo. The ends will be hydrated from the inside, reducing dryness.



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