How to protect beautiful hair from humidity

How to protect beautiful hair from humidity

Humidity during the rainy season causes problems for many women. Even if the hair appears healthy, it tends to get unmanageable. Let’s keep our hair easy to manage by exploring the root cause which is invisible to the naked eye.

Moisture - the cause of puffiness and waviness during the rainy season

Not only women with naturally curly hair, but many women face hair concerns during the rainy season. When hair gets puffy or wavy due to humidity, it loses shine and tends to look messy. This is actually due to the hair’s moisture. When the cuticle peels, excess moisture enters the strand, causing puffiness and waviness.

Block humidity with a leave-in treatment!

To make hair strong against humidity, it is important to repair rough cuticle so that no excess moisture will enter from outside. The solution is to add a treatment that coats hair. The coating effect will keep the inside of hair fully hydrated while making the hair surface silky-smooth, and prevent excess moisture from entering.

“Wonder Shield” ~ a raincoat which protects hair from humidity

SUBLIMIC “Wonder Shield” is a must-have during the rainy season. Formulated with shielding agents which react to heat, Wonder Shield creates a film on the hair surface when heat is applied with a hair dryer. It traps the moisture inside and gives hair a long-lasting protection against humidity. This attractive and easy treatment for use once every 3 days allows hair to stay silky-smooth for a long time. It will make coarse hair easy to manage, and styling in the mornings long-lasting.

SUBLIMIC Wonder Shield

<Leave-in treatment>
Coats the strands with shielding agents that are not easily washed off, to make hair shiny, healthy,and smooth to the touch.

Works against various external aggressors, such as humidity, and maintains smooth, easy-to-manage hair that is unaffected by weather or season.


When Wonder Shield is applied to damaged hair, the shielding agents adhere evenly to the entire strand.
By applying heat with a hair dryer, the shielding agents form a network to thoroughly coat the hair surface.
This prevents UV radiation and pollen from adhering or invading inside the hair.

How to use Wonder Shield


Discover your inner beauty


・How to use
After shampooing and towel-drying, work product into the entire hair, kneading it into areas which feel coarse. Apply heat with a hair dryer along the direction of the hair flow, from top to bottom, from root to end. To finish, switch the hair dryer to cold mode and let the hair cool down for a boost in shine.

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