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Desmond Lim Kuan Boon

With 18 years of experience in the hair industry, Desmond’s career as a professional hair stylist was a journey full of colors. He joined the industry when he realized his passion for creating beauty in the form of hair.

When Desmond was a young boy, he used to visit the salon with his mother and every time his mother walks out of the salon with a beautiful head of hair, his interest in hair styling Desmond then started to explore in hair coloring at home till one day, he participated in a local hair competition and took home the winning prize. Seeing Desmond’s dedication and talent in hair styling, his parents then encouraged him to pursue a career in the hair industry.
Just like Desmond’s journey from being an apprentice to a professional hair stylist, his winning creation took inspiration from the metamorphosis process of a butterfly.

Desmond has a very unique way of defining beauty. When asked about the definition of beauty, he describes beauty as an abundant feeling. “Different individuals have different interpretation of things from different angles, and they refer to beauty according to their personal sense of beauty.”
To Desmond, beauty can be in a natural form or it can be in an artistic form.
Desmond’s interpretation of beauty is conveyed through his creation that tells the story of the unpredictable lifespan of butterflies, where every stage of growth is crucial and considered as beautiful. Without the complete process of metamorphosis, there will not be the birth of a butterfly which translates into the fact that beauty involves time, effort and growth. The process varies in colors and patterns from the caterpillar till the fully-grown butterfly which is the single form of beauty in this creation.

Beauty Innovator Total Creation Work Title: Coloured Metamorphosis (Please refer to collection photo)

Work Concept : Unpredictable in their lifespan, butterflies symbolizes a soul. It varies in colors and patterns for well camouflaged thus carved the abundance colors of our lives.


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Coloured Metamorphosis

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