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We always try to learn from history, especially when facing big challenges. As seen on this season’s runways, advanced styles with a hint of nostalgia magically generate the energy to move forward. The picturesque detailing adds a bit of warmth to earthy-colored looks. Brighten up your mood with a chic hairstyle and makeup to take a step forward into a radiant future.

Dusty Ombre BOb

Give a nostalgic feel to a fuzzy bob with waves and highlights that frame the face

The uneven colors and layered style give an extra dry texture to the bob. Color the hair mainly in mint beige, while using coral beige and standard beige on the underlayer.Create sheer bangs to avoid it from looking too heavy. Sweep the hair while drying and then apply hair spray for wavy ends.

Feminine Loose Waves

Alluring lob with an accent of random, outward curls

Create large irregular curls on voluminous hair to add a 3D effect. Make the bangs and stray hair around the face also wavy for a trendy look. Apply hair oil first and then gelée for defined curls to finish up the not-too-sweet feminine style.

Gentle Wavy Long

Give a feminine, intelligent touch to a triangle cut with a soft perm

Classic defined curls add a nostalgic feel to the long hair. Making the best use of volume of the hair, partially cut it into layers for a mature, elegant look. Air-dry and then apply mousse to the entire hair to make it look dry with natural waves.

Modern Curly Mullet

Advanced messy mullet style with tight curls and cute short bangs

Create random, classical curls throughout the hair. As a novel touch, add layers to the top, while maintaining the length of the hair on the sides to create a mullet. Color the hair around the temples and behind the ears in cacao brown to accentuate the look. Use cream on the locks after air drying for defined curls.

Natural Curly Bowl Cut

Add an androgynous feel to a bowl cut with voluminous bangs and natural curls

Maintain appropriate length and volume on the bangs to keep the bowl cut from looking too masculine with defined curls. Give some lightness and texture by thinning out the heavy perm style and making the best use of the model’s natural curls. Use wax to add movement and a casual feel to the hair. Highlight the softness of the curls over the ears to make the whole style look more natural.

Sheer Straight Long

Enhance the natural feel of straight long hair with soft and sheer hair colors

A timeless, natural-looking straight style is one of our seasonal suggestions. Go for matte greige for the color to make the hair look sheer and natural. Add thin highlights for extra softness and a 3D effect. Brow-length bangs give a translucent effect and enhance the overall look. Style with hair spray for a dry, smooth texture.

Urban Disconnected Medium

Make urban straight hair look more chic by mixing cuts and styles

This mullet style is defined by a rounded top with a disconnected cut. Blow-dry the hair to add a dry texture and create a loose feel for a ‘90s look. Color the hair in ombre from the roots to the ends, while dyeing the hair framing the face and hairline in dark brown to create shading.

Voluminous Wild Short

Add a voluminous, dry texture to your hair for a rough yet delicate rockstar look

The dry texture of the hair around the face is created with a hair straightener to make this voluminous short hairstyle even more impressive. Cut the ends blunt and color the entire hair in an ombre of warm and yellow beige. To finish, apply matte wax to the roots to spike the hair up like a rockstar.


The women’s fashion trends in A/W 2021-22 consist of a mix of elegant and dark moods


The men’s fashion trends in A/W 2021-22 blur boundaries between various elements such as being at home and outdoors, as well as gender.


Bright, eye-centered makeups are coming back


Hair trends go natural with a homage to past cultures


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