Does your hair have UV protection? You should protect not only your skin but also your hair from the sun

Does your hair have UV protection?
You should protect not only your skin but also your hair from the sun

Does your hair have UV protection? You should protect not only your skin but also your hair from the sun

You always apply sunscreen on your skin before going out, but isn’t your hair left unprotected? Actually, your hair is being damaged, more than you can imagine, from UV radiation and other external factors. So, let’s do something about it before it gets dry and damaged! Just by giving your hair professional but simple UV protection care, you will see a difference in your hair’s shine and beauty.

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Have you noticed? So much damage to your hair is caused by external factors such as UV radiation!

Have you ever had an experience where you were having so much fun that you completely forgot about UV protection and you ended up damaging not only your skin but also your hair? Whether it is sunny or cloudy, there is more UV exposure out there than you think. There are a lot of people who always apply sunscreen on their skin, but hair protection tends to be neglected. Your hair suffers from so much burden in everyday life without you knowing.

<Examples of hair damage due to external factors>
・UV radiation – coarseness/loss of shine & smoothness
・Water – color fading
・Humidity – poofiness/hard-to-manage hair
・Heat – split ends/breakage/dryness
・Chlorine in tap water & pools - coarseness
・Pollen & dust – impurities

Wearing a hat is one way of protecting the hair from the external damages of UV exposure

How to protect your hair from external damages such as UV exposure?

Hair doesn’t have a self-repairing function, so once it is damaged, it is difficult to bring the hair back to its original texture. Protecting your hair from the root causes of damage is the key to beautiful hair. Of course, it is important to wear a hat to protect your hair & scalp from UV radiation, and to tie your hair in a pony tail when going into the ocean or pool in order to reduce the hair’s surface area that will be soaked in water as much as possible. But actually, your hair can be further protected from various external factors with simple hair care using WONDER SHIELD. Just spray on the hair, once every 3 days, after shampooing. It works on any type of hair quality, so let’s make it a part of your routine.

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Along with UV protection measures,use WONDER SHIELD which protects the hair from 7 external damages to keep it beautiful

WONDER SHIELD, which prevents hair damage, is recommended to be used regardless of weather conditions or season. It works on sunny days as well as on humid, rainy days. It serves as a versatile protection against the 7 external causes of hair damage such as UV radiation, water & humidity, heat, chlorine, air particles & dust, and even unpleasant smell such as cigarette odor.
It also allows the hair to dry quickly, so it is perfect for hot days when you don’t want to spend so much time blow-drying your hair. Spray WONDER SHIELD on towel-dried hair, and after blow-drying, just style your hair the way you normally do.
Have beautiful hair all year round by making WONDER SHIELD a part of your routine for preventing hair damage.

Wonder Shield, which protects the hair from 7 external damages


<Leave-in treatment>

Coats the strands with shielding agents that are not easily washed off, to make hair smooth to the touch and restore the shine of healthy hair.

When WONDER SHIELD is applied to damaged hair, the shielding agents adhere evenly to the entire strand.
By applying heat with a hair dryer, the shielding agents form a network to thoroughly coat the hair surface.
This prevents UV radiation and pollen from adhering or invading inside the hair.



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